Check you have latest driver for your graphic card.

Startup crash

If the application crash immediately , try to put this file in this folder .


NOTE : The filename has to be ViewportSetting.xml .

Just left click on link above , then click the download button to save it on your disk.

It will change some setting in 3D control. Then start again the software , if this not work, contact me .

Slow simulation

Use the same method above.

Problem with RS232 communication

At now eCam has very basic RS232 communication, you don't have many configuration options.

If you encounter some problem with RS232 communication , a fast solution can be this .

1) Change the default text editor from notepad to EdytorNC. It's a free G-Code editor , it has RS232 capabilities.

Here the instruction.

So instead of Notepad it open this editor and send the program with it.

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