Multi WCS

In milling operations , you may have the necessity to repeat the same toolpath in various WCS (G54, G55, G56 , ... ), so you can create the same part multiple time , in just one setup.

To do this , select Multi Origins from setup screen.

How it works

I've made the example part , you can see in the image below.

Now i select WCS 1 , WCS 2 , WCS 3 , from setup screen.

All the operation will be repeated in all this different origins.

Between this operations, will be called toolchange only when it's necessary.

!! Important Warning !!

Is crucial have the {ORIGIN} tag in this template :

Operation Head Code ( without TOOLCHANGE)

This template is called between 2 operation, with the same tool, and it should be like this :


You can edit it from Post Processor Dialog :

For an explanation on what is a WCS, here a explanation video.

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