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Post Processor

Is possible to have post processor for other controller (Linux Cnc, Mach 3, Haas) ?

No , at the moment is available only the default one (FANUC).
But is possible customize output g-code from post processor, here the documentation .

If you have any trouble in g-code customization, show me the specific code you need, i'll help you.

Also read this LinuxCNC and Mach3 Guidelines.

How can i change the arc mode ?

From post processor dialog , change ARC INCREMENTAL MODE property. Search "arc" to find this property.

The available modes are :

  • Relative to start
  • Relative to end
  • Absolute coordinate.


  • I need the line number formatted in this way N0010 N0240 N1200
  • Edit the property [Line Numeration Format] in this way : 0000


  • The spindle rev limiter is fixed to 500

  • It doesn't output a speed value greater than 500

You need to change the spindle rev. limiter in lathe setup screen. Just click in setup item from home treeview.


How can i change the feed mode (synchronous or asynchronous, mm/rev or mm/min ) for milling or drilling operation?

How can i set asynchronous feed in lathe machine ?

Read this documentation

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