Newly added feature are more subject to have some bugs, please report if you find any


  • Added Create Bounding rectangle option in rectangular stock definition.

It useful when you want define the rectangle stock dimension from existing geometries.


  • Now is possible create tangent lines between arc/circle entity and a point.
  • Fixed bug in lathe cut-off operation
  • Is possible clone also the linked Fast Shape when you clone an operation.


  • Fixed bug in side milling operation.


  • Added ramp plunge mode in cutting machining.


  • Fixed bug added in v2.2.0.847 in milling operations.


  • Added the possibility to add manual g-code.


  • Now is possible move operations with mouse drag and drop

  • Changed behavior of operations sort command, now it remain active until the operations order is changed manually .


  • [Cad Editor] Added arc tangent between Arc and segment and between Segment and another segment .

  • With [ESC] key it deselect all the entities , when you are in CAD mode.


  • [Cad Editor] Is possible create tangent segments and tangent arc between two arc or circle , just with snap system . More info here

  • Added nearest snap type

  • Now it's doesn't exit from cad mode with mouse right click.


  • Now is possible store default values for machining operation, setup and stock dimension. Here more info.


  • [Cad Editor] Is possible hide end points and center arc points.

This option solve the problem with messy scene after import complex geometries from dxf/dwg . More info about this


  • Added the possibility to add not printable ASCII char , here more info.


  • CAD EDITOR Added [ARC to ARC fillet] and [ARC to ARC Chamfer]
  • Signed ECAM with a 3rd party service, in order to get less issue with antivirus.


  • Added tapered thread support.
  • Fixed several bug in thread table dialog.
  • Added NPT - UNC - UNF - UNEF - UNS thread .


  • Fixed bug in CAD import, now import correctly also if the dxf is a single block entity.
  • Changed icon and splashscreen.
  • Now double click on .ecm file , will open it in ecam
  • Changed installer. there no more auto-update of software. To get last version you need to download from web-site.
  • Added the option to reverse the ordered point list , in drilling operation.
  • Easier method to access the available tag in post processor templates :

  • Added options in machine definition to transform G0 movement in G1 movement.

a) [No Rapid Movement]

And for the G112 / G113 cycle:

b) [No Rapid Movement ( Polar Coordinate )] .

So instead of rapid movement you will get a G1 F2000, for example .
You can define this rapid work feed with the property [Secure Rapid Feed ASYNC / SYNC ] .

Right click and click on [Show Post Processor Tags] menu.


  • [Mill Module] , added Multi Origins option. Now is possible repeat the same toolpath in several WCS origin (G54, G55, G56, ..) . More info

  • [Lathe Module] added Chip Breaking movement also in cut-off operation.


  • Added [Chain Selection] option , this will help you in geometry selection.

Once you have picked a cad entity , all the consecutive elements will be added to selection.


  • [Lathe Module] Added Chip Breaking Movement in grooving roughing operation.


  • [Lathe Module] Now the auto tool selection method, keep in memory the user manual tool selection.

So , for example, in a finishing operation ecam select as default the same tool the user manually selected previously.


  • Fixed setup origin selection. Now it change in code without calling refresh.
  • Fixed some rare bug in turning/grooving toolpath method.


  • [Lathe Module] Turning support in positive side of z .

Until now the z origin for turning operations was fixed to Z0. Now it's defined by the stock Max Z coordinate.

  • Added [Start Z] field in face turning and [Step Profile] pattern.

  • In threading / tapping operations , the description will be the defined by selected thread type.


  • Milling Module Added Trim toolpath by geometry and Avoid selected geometry features. Here more information

  • Fixed some bugs in lathe module g-code.


  • Fixed bug in finishing milling operation.


  • Added Re-machining feature , with a smaller endmill it goes to remove the material left behind by a larger diameter cutter. More Info


  • Added Mirror action in cad tools
  • Improved input forms of traslate / rotate / scale actions.


  • Added Lead In / Lead Out in milling finish operation.

  • Added [Finishing Overlap] feature.

Finishing operation in closed contourn can leave a visible mark due to tool deflection at start/exit point.
You can set a distance value in [Finishing Overlap] property to avoid this problem


  • Is now possible format coordinate values with forced trailing zero, like this X19.2 >> X19.2000 , set true this property from post processor dialog : [Force Decimal Position on Coordinate]
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Radial drilling operation for Lathe with live tool ( Axis C )
  • Line numeration format
  • Fixed bug in turning threading pass calculation
  • Now the tool dialog selection open directly when you click in operation description.

Click to change tool
Click to change tool



  • Added ramping mode in pocket roughing machining.

  • Lathe module - Now ecam can manage the undercut problem in turning operation.
    Read here for more info.

  • From preference is possible to hide the lathe , vertical mill or cad related buttons, this in case you don't need them and you want to hide them.

  • Is possible to run ecam in single instance, instead of opening a new window , it show you the current one. You can set this behaviour from preference , search for [Allow only one instance ]


  • Added Holding Tabs feature , in cut profile machining. Read here for more information
  • Added U and W parameter to G71 lathe macro. Finish allowance material.

    Read here for more information about G71 macro.

  • Added {ORIGIN} tag in OPERATION HEAD CODE template.

  • Hover with mouse the keyboard icon , bottom - left of status bar to visualize the
    keyboard shortcut cheatsheet

  • Simplified Setup screen
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed bug in removing turn threading operation process .
  • Fixed {NEXT_TOOL_CODE} tag in post-processor.Usually with vertical mill is better prepare next used tool , in order to speed up next tool change. The tag {NEXT_TOOL_CODE} is available in [OPERATION HEAD CODE] template.

  • Fixed reversed turning mode.
  • Added [Additional Secure Z Distance] in turning tool geometry. This add an additional distance in tool approach ,especially in reversed turning operation.

With no additional secure distance
With **no** additional secure distance

With additional secure distance
With additional secure distance


  • Fixed BUG in toolpath trimming method.
  • Added [Additional tool depth] property in chamfering mill. The chamfer tool work with a upper part of tool, and is less stressful for insert tool tip. You can set this property from tool geometry screen dialog.


  • Fixed Russian and Polish localization
  • Now in possible setting multiple step on mill chamfering operation. Variables tool depths are calculated to keep constant volume material remove.

  • Reintegrated window zoom action.
  • added [Disable Anti-Aliasing] , in order to increase performance in some machine. You can change it from Preference dialog.
  • Selected operation indicator


  • Lathe Module - Is now supported asynchronous feed in turning operation . This is settable from Preference dialog


  • Lathe Module - Is possible to edit the feed reduction in plunge moves .

  • Cad Editor - Now you can edit the maximum distance used in entities grouping.

  • Interface - If you hover with mouse cursor the current operation time, a tooltip will appear with total working times, grouped by setup. See image below


  • Changed installer system , which permits me to release fast bug fix in easy way.
    Ecam , if connect to internet, auto update to last released version . No need to download manually the last version from site, just run ecam , and it get the updated program files.

  • Upgraded to .NET 4.5 , this mean ecam doesn't run anymore on Windows XP

  • Mill Module - Added cutting operation , used tipically with cnc router.

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