Threads Table

From version 1.8.1

Is possible to add new thread or edit existing , through thread table dialog.

To open this dialog :

All the threads are grouped by category : metric - NPT - withorth - etc.

To insert new threads , write down in the yellow line, at the end of the list. Once you [Save And Exit] , the new thread will be available in threads selection list.

Edit Pitchs

To edit pitch value , simply click on [Pitch Details] Is possible to edit :

  • External Thread Height
  • External Passes Count
  • Internal Thread Height
  • Internal Passes Count

Edit Category

Also the thread category are editable

Is possible to edit :

  • Description
  • UniqueId
  • Select between TPI and Pitch values
  • If is tapered
  • Taper Angle

This information will be used in code generation.

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