User Interface

Disable Stock Modelling

To gain performance you can disable the stock modelling.

Disable Different Color

If you want the stock be just one single color, instead of have a different color for every machining.

Select the tool mode

This change the rappresantation mode of the tool in the scene.

You can select between :

  • Transparent
  • Visibile
  • Hide

Stock Base Color

Is the initial color of the stock

Disable thread highlighting

By default , all the tread surface, are rappresented with a reserved color. You can disable this.

Thread Reserved Color

Is default color of thread surface

You can edit this properties through preference dialog

Grouping MAX Gap

When you import geometries from cad file, it can happen two adjacent entity don't have exactly the same endpoint, but they have a little gap.

This can cause some problem in profile selection or toolpath generation.

To overcome this problem is possible to set the property [Entity Grouping - MAX GAP] from [Menu] -> [Preference] .

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