Mach3 - LinuxCNC - Post Processor

Often users ask me post processor for Mach3 and LinuxCNC .

Since i don't have access to this hardware , is impossible for me create a ready made post for this machines, at the moment.

But here some tips to get thing works.

Feel free to send me other issue, if you have any.

Here the post processor documentation.

1) Expand Threading and drilling macros in simple movement.

Every controller has it own macro configuration, the easiest way to get it work , is to expand macro in simple movement.

Here the documentation about it

2) Incremental Coordinate

In turning operation you can find some coordinate with U or W prefix.

This are incremental coordinate code for FANUC controller.

If your cnc can't read this g-code , you can check the [Disable Incremental Coordinate] field from post processor dialog.

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