Template List

For canned cycle templates see this page.

For edit the filename and extension see here

Read here to find the available tags list for every template.

As example , here the main template list.

Further template are available and you can find with their description in the post processor dialog.

Template When Called
INIT NEW PROGRAM Is the first template - the head of the g-code
INIT OPERATION When a new operation is called
INIT OPERATION (No Toolchange) between two operation with same tool
TOOL APPROACH After Operation Init, when the tool approach the stock
TOOL DISENGAGEMENT After all the operation moves, when the tool go to secure position, before another operation is called.
END PROGRAM Is the last template , used to finalize the code

Custom Filename

Is possible to customize either the filename template and relative file extension.

Search for File Name Template and edit it.

example :





Always repeated tags

By default , a code is omitted if is available in previous line.

But sometimes you need to force this code to be always written in every line.

If you want a code be always repeated , you need to add the tag in the [Always Repeated] property .

All the tags has to be :

  • Uppercase
  • Without { and }
  • Separated by a ;

Always repeated tags (Drilling Template)

If you want force some code tags only in drilling template use the [Drilling Template - Code Always Repeated]


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