Hide/Show Geometry

To maintain the 3D scene clear as possible, once the geometry is used by an operation , the geometries became hidden.

This mean it visible only when you have selected the related operation.

To force the visibility of all the geometries , you can click on

[Preference] >> [Show hidden geometry]

In this way all the geometries are visible and you can pick some geometry for another operation , for example.

The geometries that are not linked with any operation ( orphaned geometry) , remains visible.

Hide end points

By default, when you draw arcs, circles or lines, the endpoints and center points are visible.

These points are necessary , since ECAM have a parametric drawing system .

But when you need to import a bit more complex geometries , the scene can became a little messy. Like in this image.

To solve this issue you have to check this property :

[Preference] >> [Hide end points]

In this way you get this cleaner scene :

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