Cutting 2D Profiles

This is the machining you need to use when you want cut 2D Profile from material sheet.

Just select the geometries of the profile you want to cut.

Select the relative position of the tool :

  • Internal
  • Central
  • External

Holding tabs

Holding tabs are needed in order to keep your cutted part stable after the machining.

In this way the machine or tool are not damaged.

You need to manually remove the cutted part from sheet.

Check the property ADD HOLDING TABS.

To create this holding tabs, the tool need to raise in some points.

You have to define the thickness and length of this holding tabs.

To define the position you can proceed manually or use the automatic method.


With automatic method, you need to set the holding tabs you want to add.

The position are calculated automatically.


If you want to set the holding tabs in precise point, you need to proceed in manually way.

Select the manual mode , click on Snap ON button, and pick the point with mouse in 3D scene.

Graphically holding tabs are represented only by a purple element, has no effect on 3D stock model

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